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Market research

Our company is renowned for the ability to walk through every client, starting from the very idea of the most suitable buying options. China produces majority of what the World needs in ever growing quantities, so it is literally impossible to be an expert in finding the right product. Plus, your clients may demand products that are "European" or "not from China". This means you need professional advice from the moment you decided to run your own . Having our market researchers in key regions like China, EU, USA, we benefit from deep knowledge of local manufacturers and you can profit from this knowledge too!

Confident Buying Services

We realise that you might experience various difficulties and doubts when dealing with distant suppliers, especially if you know them for the first time. So here comes our unique proposal for us to step in and relieve this burden of settling your payments with agreed suppliers. Alfacross representatives are able to personally make sure that the distribution channels work flawlessly and manufacturers are duly overseen. This approach creates extra comfort and confidence both in our services and suppliers carefully picked by our experts.

Transportation Services
As soon as everything has been selected, approved and paid for, time begins to work against you. No surprise, we have every logistics tool necessary to deliver the merchandise in time and on site.
Warehouse Services
As an important part of our logistics solutions, our company offers various warehousing solutions in Russia, EU and China. Our logistics experts are ready to combine your shipments, both when ordered via Alfacross, or via another intermediary, or directly from manufacturer.
Global Coverage
We are proud to co-operate with World's leading shipment and logistics partners, which assist us day in and day out to ensure that the services we render to you are the top notch. Based on our well-balanced and highly reliable partners network we are in a position to guarantee word-class service to all our clients, from start-ups to shopping centres and mega malls.

24/7 Customer Services

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