About Vertex Corporation Our customers are our greatest priority.

Vertex Corporation helps you get the maximum return on your investment

We provide a wide range of construction and industrial equipment, construction materials and supporting services to diverse customer base. Materials and equipment can be used in different construction industries and projects including agriculture, heavy construction, mining, warehousing, commercial and retail - whatever is required. We offer a full line of materials and equipment to meet your needs.

With our services and support we ensure our clients to work efficiently and safely. Through Vertex Corporation, you have convenient access to the solutions you need, including the spare parts, warranty, transportation and delivery service.

Our values We deliver safe, high-quality products and services which uphold our core values:



Effective communication is our priority. We provide the accurate and timely information to support decision-making for services and equipment purchase.


We respect all our clients- customers and suppliers. Our professional team provide best service and we use the easier solutions for client projects.


Trust and confidence are our core values. We work with respect to the environment in which we work, the people who work for us and those we work for.

Our focus We carry a large variety of products and services to help you grow your business

Our company believes quality is achieved through continuous improvement to ensure the high standards of our products, services, processes and technology offered to our customers.
Central to our company’s policies and practices is our focus on the safety of our customers and employees.
All construction equipment manufacturers have to meet environmental requirements. But the technology each manufacturer uses varies. We work with the manufacturers who use unique and advanced technologies with focus on reduction in emissions into the environment.
Innovation isn’t true innovation if it doesn’t allow the end user to perform better or achieve their goals. With a focus on the future, we work to achieve customers success.